Our sovereignty begins with the in-house production of moulds, complete with an own CNC-Centre and foundry. This way, we can flexibly develop and fine-tune any model according to customer-provided documents. After approval, we can quickly bring any sample into mass production. Our own production line has a capacity of several thousand pieces per day.

PUR Production

PUR material

The lightness of this material is achieved thanks to billions of tiny bubbles resulting from the reaction of two parts polyol and one part methyl isocyanate. However, despite its lightness this is a strong material, which is available in various degrees of hardness and colours. Among others, soles made from PUR are very suitable for working, walking, children’s shoes or sandals. The hardest variant is called HARTSCHAUM, and is especially being used to manufacture wedges.

PUR production

In our company, one of the two basic technologies used to produce shoesoles is polyurethane casting. This is a two-component process which can be used to produced soles of many sizes, shapes and colours. We offer several kinds of materials which differ in their properties. Each of them is available in various degrees of hardness. If desired, our skilled staff will be happy to assist you with the choice of raw input materials.

TR Production

The TR department is characterized by its diversity. Not only shoesoles are being produced here from various types of materials, but thanks to modern machinery and technology we are able to provide our customers with high quality heels, tips and technical parts. Thanks to a wide range of raw input materials we are able to custom design a composit according to specific customer requirements. Doing so, the characteristics of the end product are always in accordance with the final use of the pressed part. Since we are trying to keep up with current trends and changing requirements of our customers, we don’t only rely on proven inputs, but are constantly testing new thermoplastics, which helps us continually expand our portfolio.

Soles made from TR material are very flexible, lightweight and resistant to abrasion. They are being formed by melting a grantulated mixture of various colours and degrees of hardness. The end product would not be suitable for sports or work shoes, but is mainly applied to women’s shoes, especially for those with a higher heel or wedge, where the sole is under constant stress and therefore a very durable material is required.

Other widely used and popular materials among our customers are TPU light and TPU ICI. Both materials are suitable for women’s shoes, the latter especially in combination with the heel. Vulcanized rubber or TPU rubber is being applied on footwear which must withstand very heavy load. These soles are very flexible and resistant to abrasion. The highest quality material of the already mentioned is called TPS. 

Type of material Usage
ABS heels
POLYSTYROL  heels, technical parts
PU  tips in combination with heels
AKULON  shanks
POLYAMID  technical parts and other

Finishing line – dying and packaging

Readily molded products can be further perfected in our dying department – we offer many different ways for the sole surface to be sprayed, polished or sanded. According to our customers wishes, we will apply any chosen colours or stripes to both heels and heel tips. During the colouring, the heel tip may be already mounted to the heel or can be processed separately.

Our finishing department has a large scale of different techniques. One big trend today is to spray paint heels through a set of steel strings, which ensures a uniform streaking effect.

All kinds of soles and heels can be fitted with a wooden, cork or any other design. Your custom draft will be applied by a so called tamponing machine.

Especially in this department we greatly value our skilled employees, as many of the processing here is fully manual – such as shading and blending two different colours into a gradient.

Finished products undergo most stringent supervision and testing. After packaging, your order is being sent out by our trusted shipping contractor. Timely and complete deliveries are a big priority to us.