About us

Our company SOLES 2 WALK, inc. is a leading manufacturer of footwear components, especially for the German and Austrian market. Moreover, we provide our products to many satisfied customers in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and many other European countries. The long tradition of our company, decades of experience and a skillful staff result in a commitment to superior quality and meeting our customers needs. The biggest German shoe manufacturers know that soles, heels and bollards from us are of guaranteed quality and provide excellent characteristics and long-term durability. Lead by their ideas, we are able to produce any model, crafted from the most suitable material in any shade of colour. In addition to a wide range of standard colours, which can be chosen from our permanent selection, we are prepared to work with specialized companies to create completely new shades of colour, exactly according to the customer’s wishes and needs. There is simply nothing we couldn’t make when it comes to footwear components.

In addition to flexibly meeting all of our customers’ needs, we’re very commited to protecting not only our employees’ health, but also the environment.

Our modern facilities meet the most stringent European standards, which means that the materials used in our production process are exclusively from certified, leading Czech and foreign suppliers and thus our products meet all criteria for health and safety. All of this is regularly being checked and tested not only randomly in production, but also by specialised research institutes. In addition to that, we cooperate with external consultants who ensure compliance with current laws and regulations.

Therefore, if you produce footwear of any kind, then you are in the right hands with us. Our staff will answer all your questions and are happy to meet any of your requirements. We really live and breathe by the phrase, “our customer, our master” and aspire to fullfill what SOLES 2 WALK stands for: the perfect sole for walking.